BD Weight Scale Corporation is the premier provider of PRECISION BALANCE in Bangladesh, offering state-of-the-art solutions tailored to diverse industrial needs. Renowned for their accuracy and reliability, their precision balance are essential tools for laboratories, research facilities, and manufacturing plants. BD Weight Scale Corporation’s unwavering commitment to quality ensures precise measurements, crucial for scientific experiments, formulation processes, and quality assurance protocols. With a customer-centric approach and a focus on innovation, they continuously strive to exceed expectations, earning trust nationwide. Trusted by professionals and institutions alike, BD Weight Scale Corporation’s precision balances exemplify excellence, contributing to Bangladesh’s scientific advancement and promoting precise measurement practices.

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Precision Balance (DS671SS)-DIGISCALE 0.01g-3000g

Model  : DS671SS Brand  : DIGISCALE Origin :  Germany Capacity  : 3000g Accuracy :  0.01g

Precision Weight Balance (DS669SS)-DIGISCALE 0.01g to 600g

Model :  DS669SS Brand  : DIGISCALE Origin :  Germany Capacity  : 600g Accuracy  : 0.01g Platter  : 98mm Round/135x120mm

Precision Weight Scale (FGH-600)-AND 0.01-600g

Model :  FGH-600 Brand :  AND Origin  : Korea Capacity  : 600g Accuracy :  0.01g

Precision Weight Scale AND (FGH-600)

  • Capacity 600g
  • Accuracy 0.01g
  • Platter 115mm Round 170 x 180 mm
  • Net/Gross Weight 1350/1500g